What’s in RePear? Plenty.

RePear starts with freshly picked pears and pure water, gently cooked and pressed to a pulp. Then we combine it with licorice root, honey suckle, lily bulb, monk fruit, mint and chrysanthemum, the traditional Chinese herbs chosen for their taste and effectiveness. Last, we put a little bit all natural rock sugar in to enhance the taste and the smoothness of the drink. All the ingredients used are gluten free. RePear is not made from concentrate, no preservatives, no artificial flavorings, no cholesterol. And the only thing concentrated is the flavor.
  • Licorice root

    Licorice root

    One of the most widely used herbs in folk remedies, licorice root brings harmony to RePear, and is traditionally used to help the body cope with stress.

  • Honeysuckle


    In traditional Chinese medicine, honeysuckle is used to clear heat in the body and to remove toxins from the lungs. Chinese herbalists also consider honeysuckle to be antibacterial.

  • Lily Bulb

    Lily Bulb

    Traditionally in China, dried lily bulbs are revered for their sweet and slightly cold properties. Herbalists use lily bulbs to treat coughs and to improve one’s focus.

  • Rock Sugar

    Rock Sugar

    With a milder flavor than refined sugar, rock sugar is used in Chinese folk remedies to bring balance through its neutral properties. It’s traditionally used to nourish yin and clear heat.

  • Monk Fruit

    Monk Fruit

    Also known as “Buddha fruit”, Monk fruit is native to China. For years, Chinese herbalists have used monk fruit in remedies to relieve anything from sore throats to digestive issues.


  • Chrysanthemum


    Used by Chinese herbalists because of its naturally cooling properties, Chrysanthemum also possesses high amounts of β-Carotene, which help in postponing the aging process and age related blindness.