When you meet a new drink like RePear, it's only natural you might have a few questions. So we've provided some answers about our line of natural refreshing pear drinks.

Q. What herbs do you add to RePear?

A. We add all natural Licorice Root, Honeysuckle, Lily Bulb, Monk Fruit, Mint and Chrysanthemum, prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its healthful properties.

Q. Are pears good for you?

A. Pears are nutritious, high in fiber and cholesterol free. Chinese herbalists recommend pear because of its cooling effect and moisturizing properties.

Q. Why is rock sugar added to RePear?

A. Rock sugar is natural, crystallized raw sugar used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. With a milder flavor than refined sugar, rock sugar is used in Chinese folk remedies to bring balance through its neutral properties. It’s traditionally used to nourish yin and clear heat.

Q. Is there a best time of day to drink RePear?

A. Any time is OK. Many people enjoy RePear as a breakfast drink. Others rely on RePear for a boost of energy in the afternoon. Because RePear has no caffeine, you can drink it in the evening too, without worry about staying up all night.

Q. Do I need to add water to RePear?

A. RePear is ready to drink. It is not a concentrate, and it is not made from concentrate. Simply open, drink and enjoy.

Q. What’s the best way to drink RePear?

A. We think RePear tastes best served cold. Enjoy it straight from the fridge, or add it to a smoothie for a healthy treat.