The Company

Founded in 1990, a family business started by a father and his three sons from a farm in Dalian, the heart of China's fruit basket, Zhenxin (means a sincere heart) now has grown to be a successful firm with over 1000 employees. Zhenguo Xie, the father, had a vision from the very beginning to produce bottled fruits and beverages with the highest quality and great taste. Today, Zhenxin has become No. 1 bottled fruit brand in China. Dehai, the youngest son of the family took over the CEO position 10 years ago. He extended his father's vision to make a commitment to sharing  Chinese restorative wisdom with the rest of the world by giving the ancient recipe of fruit and herbs a modern twist.


At Zhenxin, parent company of Cansi, we believe the best fruit drinks are made with the freshest fruits. That’s why we invest in innovative technology designed to improve product quality, maintain freshness, and streamline the production process. Thanks to a 16 million dollar investment in state-of-the-art processing equipment from Italy, our bottling plant is one of the most advanced in the world.

Social Responsibility

We take our corporate responsibilities seriously too, and invest in programs that support the people who live where we farm. In 2011, Zhenxin, parent company of Cansi US, was recognized by the provincial government of Jilin as “Outstanding Corporation of Charity Donations.” As an active participant of the “Retrieving Pearl” project, our support aims at providing financial support to exceptional students in low income communities so they can finish their high school educations.


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