Power of Pears!

Besides their great taste, Chinese people have historically revered pears for their cooling property. But to cold is not good, so we cook the pears down to a juicy pulp in order to find the perfect cooling balance. Additionally, pears are rich in Vitamin C and are also a good source for dietary fiber. Learn more

It’s elemental.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) often follows the philosophical beliefs about the Yin and Yang Theory. This theory states that all things in the universe have opposing forces, but are still very interconnected, such as sun and shade, dry and moist, water and fire. To live in harmony, one must live in balance. We have taken this principle and extended it across the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – in order to create five delicious flavors of RePear. Learn more

400 million Chinese mothers can’t be wrong.

Easy to digest, packed with nutrition, and tasting great. In China, when a child has a cough or congestion, Mom gives the child stewed pears with herbs and rock sugar, just like her mother gave her, and her mother before that. We use the same recipe and ensure the goodness goes into every bottle, to make a perfect drink for any age. Learn more